New Jersey State Licensing  Requirements

New Jersey has two layers of licensing requirements, depending on where you will be operating your boat.   All operators of a motor powered vessel of any kind are required to complete a Boating Safety Course approved by the New Jersey State Police.  Although some courses are approved for on-line use, ALL students are required to sit for a proctored exam given by NJSP approved instructors.


In addition to obtain a Safe Boating Certificate, boaters planning to operate in non-tidal waters (i.e. lakes) are required to get an endorsement on their New Jersey driver's license from the MVC.  You must present the Safe Boating Certificate to have the driver's license endorsed by the MVC.


In New Jersey the minimum age to operate any motor powered vessel of any size is 13.  The minimum age to operate a PWC is 16.  Persons 13 through 15 years of age, providing they hold a Safe Boating Certificate, are permitted to operate vessels only if the motor is less than 10 horespower, is electric, or the vessel is less than 12 feet long.


To obtain information on where and when the Boating Safety Course is offered in New Jersey CLICK HERE 




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